AirEA – Event location Giebelstadt Airport

With an area of 315 m x 80 m = 25 200 m² in front of Hangars 2, 3 and 4, Giebelstadt airport provides a universal event area for different single or multi-day events such as:

* Photo shootings * Drivers training * Street Food deals *Car testing * Concerts * Presentation events * Open air movie …

In short: all kinds of events to be aligned on a highly reliable ground (concrete). The event area is perfectly bound to public roads by existing access and exit ways and offers good parking facilities.

The Airport Event Area (AirEA) has repeatedly demonstrated its excellent suitability:

airea04 airea02 airea03 airea01
Concerts with famous bands and artists have also been organized successfully as well as presentation of brand new cars und tests of electric vehicles.

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For more details, date and price issues please check with the manager Annette Barreca, Phone: 09334/80840 or email: