The airport company

on the airfield, the Airfield Giebelstadt GmbH, was founded in 1997, created in 1994 from the Airfield Giebelstadt planning GmbH. This company, composed of public and private institutions has worked since its inception with the U.S. Army at the air base.
Since 2010, Airfield Giebelstadt GmbH secures as sole operator, the functional and operational capability of the airport and is responsible for equipment and airport-crew.

The business partners are:

Markt Giebelstadt

Market of Giebelstadt

Stadt Würzburg

City of Würzburg

Landkreis Würzburg

Würzburg district

Landkreis Kitzingen

Kitzingen district

Flugsportclub Giebelstadt e.V.

Flugsportclub Giebelstadt e.V.

Airfield Giebelstadt
GmbH Würzburg

The persons on site


Annette Barreca

Flugplatzleiter Karl Herrmann

Airfield manager
Karl Herrmann

Crewand the crew of the airfield ensure, that everything runs customer focused and safe on our Business-Airport.