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Fast connections for greater efficiency – your time gain, our target!

Do you need extra time for

  • successful implementation of your business ideas
  • installation of necessary discussion with business partners
  • reach your recovery region

We will provide the necessary infrastructure for you.

Naturally, our services also include arranging flights, hotels, conference rooms and transportation for you and your partner!

Located in the heart of Mainfranken,

gateway to the tourism region „franconian wine country“, Giebelstadt Business Airport offers the optimal conditions for companies, businesses and policy makers to serve and maintain their contacts in Germany and Europe, fast and successfully. As important, essential part of the transport infrastructure in the franconian region, the Business Airport Giebelstadt enables optimal connections to rail and road and provides quick access to the economic regions in- and outside the EU, on the other hand it offers excellent connections in the scientific- und business-region of Würzburg.
Thanks to its convenient location the airport is easy and fast to reach, both on the A 3, the A7 and the A81.

Our flexibility

enables an economic time management after the successful conversion of a military airfield into a Business Airfield,
With its new technical features: Weather Station, runway and approach lights, precision approach glide-angle (PAPI), fueling facilities and instrument approach (R-NAV) a weather operations precludes little. Of course, we will assist you, solving all problems of duty and / or border police regulations. Lack of flexibility and long access routes cost you and your company a lot of money. We therefore try at our Business Airport with fast, easy check-in and a full-service handling for the crew, to guarantee short response times.

For your safety

both in flight-scheduling as well as in flight-operation, we try hard. The new General Aviation Terminal (GAT) provides residence and handling (including customs and border police) in a pleasant atmosphere. For your pilots we keep a lounge and briefing room with all the necessary information available. For people with disabilities, of course the accessibility to the aircraft is possible and no problem.
Take-offs and landings are secured by trained personnel and our Rescue 1, an airport fire engine, top class. For winter operations a snow-sweeper-blower, a runway deicing truck and snowplows are available.
Access to the entire airfield, is secured and monitored. Our officially approved Safety Management System allows individual attention at a high safety factor in protecting your privacy.

Perfect service

will probably stay a dream. The team of Business Airport Giebelstadt will leave no stone unturned to come close to this self-imposed target.
You, the customer focus of our efforts,
You will feel well and protected on „your“ airport,
You will receive a special gift: additional TIME!

Please contact our staff if you need any information, help or support:

  • we try as quickly as possible,
  • conjured is by request,
  • just wonders take a little longer.

We are prepared to present the Business Airport Giebelstadt with its facilities to you. Do not hesitate to make an appointment!