Airfield owner

and lessor of airfield ground, founded in 2008 is the Airfield Giebelstadt Holding GmbH, with the two shareholders Knauf Gips KG and the Market of Giebelstadt. In April 2008, the holding company acquired a 125 acre patch of the airport, including the airstrip, from the Federal Agency for Real Estate (BImA).

At 2011, for more space and to secure future-oriented flight operations are acquired:
The former Airfield Operations with new driveway and three hangars plus the former Fire Station in the north.

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The Airfield Giebelstadt Holding GmbH assumed all investments, expanding the airfield Giebelstadt into a modern Business Airport, such as:

  • development of electricity, gas and water
  • rehabilitation and technical equipment of the tower
  • set up a new weather station
  • rehabilitation of taxiways, the airport perimeter fence and the security strip
  • approach and runway lighting for IFR and night flying
  • renovation of the hangars and the flight operations building, the new vehicle depot
  • fueling area and tank facilities for JET A1 and AVGAS 100LL
  • procurement of airport fire-fighting vehicle, multi-truck and aircraft-moving-truck
  • weapons, ammunition and scrap removal on the airfield area.