The history …

of the airport began in 1928 with the search for a suitable location by the German army headquarters in Munich. Because of the very favorable climatic and topographical conditions Giebelstadt was chosen. The official opening of the airport was on 17th of September 1936 as part of a troop parade.

With the beginning of World War II, the fighter squadron 53 was stationed in Giebelstadt. From 1941 onwards, the airfield is a secret base to develop new aircraft (including the Messerschmitt ME-262). For reasons of secrecy the airbase was deleted of all maps. Before the official end of the 2nd World War, the airfield was captured by the 12th American Armored Division.


Beginning February 1947, the airport was expanded by the 850th U.S. Air Force Pioneer Battalion to allow operation with the heavy B-29 bombers. Giebelstadt, from now on, is the base for the Strategic Air Command. In January 1948, the airfield was closed and used as a missile control center.

1954 the Americans restarted the aeronautical use of the airfield and performed a variety of technical flight test programs.

The support agreement between the German Ministry of Defense and the U.S. Air Force in 1962 allowed the transfer of the airbase into the ownership of the German Minister of Defense.

Extensive construction of tower, hangars, runway and air traffic control systems are carried out and financed with NATO assets.

The civil use for the domestic economy was first regulated in 2001. A contract with the „Civilian-Co-user-GmbH„, allowed a limited use of the airport as a “commercial airfield”.

At the end of 2006 the U.S. Armed Forces left the Army Airfield. The flight operations were stopped and the area with all buildings was transferred to the Federal Agency for Real Estate (BImA).

Flight operations were resumed in February 2007, actively supported by the Flugsportclub Giebelstadt (FSCG). 2008 the Airfield Giebelstadt Holding GmbH acquired 125 hectares of the area and decided to develop the airbase into a public Business Airfield for the region Würzburg/Kitzingen.

The permission for operating this airfield was issued by the Office of Aviation in December 2009. 2010 the conversion from military to civilian business airport took place.
January 2012 Giebelstadt airfield received the approval for instrument approaches and departures by R-NAV.